This is what I do..

Joshua19Media.com is my personal website mostly focused on web developer. As I find time to write tutorials, Joshua19Meida will mostly deal with web development from my experiences as a professional web developer. Unfortunately I have not been able to do very much as time is a premium these days!


I enjoy learning and creating things with technology and I hope to share relevant teachings with those wanting to learn. It is also great to connect with others that are web developers or inspiring ones.

My Web Development Career

I am a full time web developer for Lippert Components, Inc. (LCI) since 2014. There are a number of large projects that keep me and the team very busy.

Previously at Bethel College I was also a full time web developer and occasionally taught a Web Design class as an adjunct professor. The Web Design course focused on learning HTML and CSS.

I started college as majoring in Engineering. Midway through my college experience I changed my major to Computer Information Systems. I took four semesters of programming and really liked doing it but it was not until my last semester that I actually did anything with the web! I enjoyed it and then I pursued it as a career.

I first started working with PHP around 2004 and I have worked with MODX Revolution since the summer of 2010. I have written my own PHP framework, never published and tons of custom scripts. I also have worked with programs like Magento, WordPress, Joomla and other proprietary systems. Along with that I have a bit of database experience with MySQL, MSSQL and IBM's Informix. I have worked with several other languages but don't wish to mention them here as I don't intend to write about them.

Joshua Gulledge