Building a modern and complex website, the easy way, with MODX Revolution

Building a modern & Complex WebsiteBuilding a modern and complex website, the easy way, with MODX Revolution is a book intended to be for those that have at least a basic understanding of HTML/CSS and are beginners to MODX and/or to a CMS product. This book would also be beneficial to those that have done some work with MODX but don't feel they have it mastered completely. One of the reasons I wrote this book is to provide a practical guide to explain how to use MODX and understand some of its strategies about getting the most out of your website with the least amount of work.

I teach a Web Design course and I first introduced MODX to a class in the fall of 2010 and saw that for non-techies it was difficult to understand why and how to use the program. There were several tutorials that I pointed them to that showed how to do certain aspects of MODX but I realized that without understanding the bigger picture first it really made little sense to many of them. The majority of students that have taken my course were either a business major or some other non web design/developer degree. I think it is vital for them to understand how and why to use a CMS product as they go out into the business world. This is not an exhaustive book explaining MODX or comparing other CMS products but rather a thorough introduction into many of the features, concepts and benefits of MODX. The approach taken was not to just sell you on MODX but to show you, step by step, what it can do.

We will build a complete website from start to finish, with step by step instructions and all code examples can be downloaded. The site we will be creating will be for a church. We will use an actual client for our project. I chose a church as the client since that is my current project and it is also a passion of mine to see Christian ministries use technology effectively.

After you have gone through this book you should be able to understand MODX well enough to create your own websites and make them in a way that is easy to maintain.

About the Author

I am a full time web developer and a part time adjunct professor at Bethel College in Northern Indiana. I have worked with MODX Revolution since the summer of 2010 on several different projects. The first year was mostly smaller sites for personal use, churches or to teach in my web design class. Since March 2011 I switched our direction of the Bethel College website development from custom PHP development to MODX Revolution. We launched live in June 2011 with a new design, new CMS and much better work flow. Since then I have done many custom snippets, plugins, CMPs and more with MODX. I think MODX is a great product and even as I write this book I have discovered a few things that I had not used in the program.